PRO Band System

The IRON POWER PRO Band System makes it easy to work out when you want, where you want.

The included Door anchor attaches to virtually any door for a quick and easy setup, removing the Door anchor allows the Pro Band System to attach to anything you can loop Suspension anchor around with a carabiner and Cam Buckle allowing you to create fast and effective total body workouts using only one piece of equipment!

The Handles also double as foot Cradles allowing for even more exercise options.

Get the same equipment used by professional athletes and physical therapists all over the world!

  • Easy to Setup and highly portable
  • Fast and easy workouts
  • For all fitness levels and goals
  • Fully Adjustable Length


  • PRO Band System
  • Door Anchor

Our Price$75.00

Similar Elsewhere$139.00

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Iron Power PRO Band System
  • Iron Power PRO Band System
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10 Day Money back Guarantee - We won't be beaten on price. 

Product description

Iron PowerIron Power

The IRON POWER PRO Band System will help you to perform and look your best.

Technical Specifications

NamePRO Band System
Warranty12 Months (Full Warranty Details)

From: Fiona

- Auckland

Such an awesome piece of equipment! You can work out your entire body, no need free weights anymore! Portable and light, so you can easily fit it in your bag and take it with you. Love it!

(Posted on 14/04/2014)

From: Fai

- Auckland

Not only do i use it in my room, i can take it outdoors.its lite weight n portable very satisfied wif dis product

(Posted on 12/02/2014)

From: Phil

- Nelson

Great product at a good price. Prompt delivery.

(Posted on 17/10/2013)

From: Sarah

- Dunedin

Absolutely love this. Allows you to do a wide range of exercises with minimal adjustment. Fantastic for small spaces. Cheaper too than similar products. Excellent quality.

(Posted on 05/09/2013)

From: Tania

- christchurch

(Posted on 07/08/2013)

From: Nikorima

- Wellington

The best investment I have ever made. The PRO Band System is a entire body workout system that uses your own body weight to work all the main muscle groups of the body. This is a fantastic product which I'm very glade I had purchased.

(Posted on 06/08/2013)

From: Ellie

- Christchurch

Great for a new challenge! I've been boxing for nearly a year now and this still gives me a great arm and back work out and is amazing on the core. Awesome for mixing up the ol' routine.

(Posted on 10/07/2013)

From: Jonathan

- Wellington

All aspects including the advertising, the product, the service and delivery were exceptional. Thank you #1 Fitness!

(Posted on 05/07/2013)

From: tracey

- Gore

Next day delivery Exactly as advertised. Easy to use.would recommend.

(Posted on 20/06/2013)

From: Evan

- Lower Hutt

Found these just as good as the TRX bands at fraction of the cost

(Posted on 12/06/2013)

From: Tim

- Auckland

The PRO Band system is a great product; durable, extremely versatile, easy to use and set up and so much fun. It makes a great alternative to the gym especially when travelling, and helps to keep my training interesting by the variety of exercises and movements that can be executed / replicated on this unique training tool. If you are wanting to mix up your training, train outdoors, or if you want to build muscle and can't afford a gym, this is the product that will solve your problems.

(Posted on 16/04/2013)

From: Mo

- Chch

Great product. Variety of uses.

(Posted on 11/04/2013)

From: Steve

- Auckland

Hi I bought two of these recently to complement my existing pool of fitness equipment. I take a group of between 6-10 other guys for fitness sessions 2x per week either around Victoria Park or Wynyard Quarter. I am 40 and the other blokes are all younger than me (20's and early 30's) so its good to provide new exercises I can try and dominate them with! Anyway, the boys are finding the pro-bands very refreshing in terms of the exercises we can do (lately, lots targeting the back/shoulders) and where we can do them (basically anywhere we can attach it!). We are expecting great things from the pro-bands going forward. Cheers Steve

(Posted on 27/03/2013)

From: Phil

- Auckland

Excellent product. great value for money. use it anywhere and gjves fast fitness results.

(Posted on 21/02/2013)

From: Tod

- Hamilton

The Pro Band system has opened up a wider and more Diverse range of exercisers for both my self and my clients. Giving us the option of bringing our workout just about anywere

(Posted on 21/02/2013)

From: Damian

- Auckland

The Pro Band is a fantastic exercise tool. Using my own bodyweight as resistence I get a great workout. There are so many exercises that can be done. And loads of online examples. It is a tool that all the family can use, at all levels of fitness. A slight modification of how you stand or hold your body will intensify the workout. Absolutely brilliant AND really cheap. Especially when you calculate the amount of exercises you can do with it.

(Posted on 21/02/2013)

From: Penny

- Wellington

Love the pro band! Love Number 1 fitness! Products arrived quickly and were a great price. Have been back to purchase a trampoline off you now and received it in less than 2 days of ordering! AWESOME!

(Posted on 20/02/2013)

From: Amber

- Ashburton

(Posted on 20/02/2013)

From: Maria

- chch

Havent used much as yet but they seem to be excellent. Thanks Number 1

(Posted on 19/02/2013)

From: Richard

- Hamilton


(Posted on 19/02/2013)

From: Andrew

- Porirua

Does everything the TRX does but for a fraction of the price!!! Great purchase, thank u!

(Posted on 19/02/2013)

From: paul

- Nelson

these are a great versatile bit of kit,I use them at home and when working away ,great to take to the local playground to do exersises eg. press-ups,rows,squats,lunges and curls etc in conjunction with monkey barsand chin-ups,Good value and easy to set up and use,and not the trx cost,can be set up indoors by attaching behind closed door.

(Posted on 17/02/2013)

From: Brian

- Auckland

Great piece of equipment - very sturdy, and you feel confidently secure while doing challenging body weight workouts. The pro band leave no room for cheating or taking short cuts during your workout.

(Posted on 27/09/2012)

From: Garth

- Gisborne

This is a great product easy to use and takes up no room in your house and you can take it where ever you like .

(Posted on 26/09/2012)

From: A

- Dunedin

The pro band system is an effective an easy way to maintain upper body strength and shoulder integrity when one does not have access to a gym. Such as a travelling sports team. Fits easily into the team kit bag, and all it takes is a door or something to wrap it round. Would recommend highly don't waste your money on other names brands, this does the same job!

(Posted on 26/09/2012)

From: Sam

- Auckland

Great piece of equipment, very sturdy design, well made, good sized hand grips, have used other band systems before with smaller hand grips and your fingers just overlap too much. Easy to use and manual very informative. Love this piece of equipment.

(Posted on 11/06/2012)

From: Mike

- Te Horo

Great Product, good price and nice and solid

(Posted on 10/06/2012)

From: Renee

- Nelson

Love this new addition to my gym! My clients are getting great use from it too :) Awesome service and quick delivery.

(Posted on 09/06/2012)