Olympus 4ft Olympic Super Curl Bar

Olympus 4ft Olympic Super Curl Bar
  • Olympus 4ft Olympic Super Curl Bar
  • Olympus 4ft Olympic Super Curl Bar
  • Olympus 4ft Olympic Super Curl Bar - End

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Spring Collars available for $12 a pair.

These cambered bars are a proven favourite of bodybuilders everywhere, and are a great way to perform intense arm training, while placing less stress on your wrists.

NOTE: Made to fit 50mm Olympic Weight Plates

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These bars are designed specifically to position your wrists at an angle which places less stress on them when performing traditional arm exercises such as bicep curls, reverse curls, and tricep extensions.

The Super curl bar features a grip position that can also allow you to train with an almost neutral grip position on bicep curls, to allow the brachialis to assist in the movement as much as possible; helping to develop this muscle as well as your biceps. The brachialis lies underneath your bicep muscle and can lead to a more developed looking upper arm. Brachialis development can also be beneficial to your strength levels as this often neglected muscle can be responsible for approximately 70% of arm flexing strength!

There is also the option to use a hand placement similar to normal curl bars, which provides a more supinated position, while still being not fully supinated to help take stress off the wrists and keep the brachialis engaged.

The angles of the camber on the bar is also fantastic for tricep extensions as it places less stress on your wrists!

If you are looking for a way to train heavy without your wrists suffering for it, or simply want an effective way to be able to develop your brachialis muscle to a greater extent, then look no further than our super curl bar!

Technical Specifications

NameOlympus 4ft Olympic Super Curl Bar
Bar Weight8.5kg
Bar Size4ft
Flat or Spin Lock CollarsFlat (collars not included)
Warranty Terms12 Month Warranty. For more information see (Full Warranty Details)
Warranty TypeHome
MaterialSolid Steel (Chrome Finish)

Here's what some of our customers are saying about this product

From: Stu

- Palmerston North

Awesome bar, great wieght and great quality.

(Posted on 14/01/2018)

From: Stuart

- Auckland,

Great addition to the gym. Shipped and arrived promptly, couldn’t wait to get it home and take it for a test drive.. You won’t be disappointed.

(Posted on 27/12/2017)

From: Julian

- Auckland, New Zealand

Great little bar. Exactly what you should get if you are after a versatile Olympic W bar. Also what you should buy if you are after a std W bar... why would you even? Just get this one.

(Posted on 10/09/2017)

From: Steve

- Hamilton NZ

Great product and as always, best priced bars available

(Posted on 15/03/2017)

From: Chop

- Whangaparaoa

Great value for money

(Posted on 21/09/2016)

From: Darcy

- Auckland, nz

Brought the super curl bar in Olympic size is a great quality product but I believe the Olympic curl bar does a better job

(Posted on 29/06/2016)

From: Jared

- Waiotahi, Opotiki

Good solid bar would recommend

(Posted on 22/06/2016)

From: Chris

- Auckland

Very good quality and great grip angles on the bar.

(Posted on 23/03/2016)

From: Jordan

- Christchurch

Love this super curl bar! It is solid and extremely versatile.

(Posted on 22/03/2016)

From: Juliet

- Auckland

Good quality bar. The design allows for several grip positions and a variety of different exercises. Particularly good for tricep movements as the hand position can be adjusted to target all three heads of the tricep individually.

(Posted on 29/12/2015)