Elite Strength Training System Package

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If you are looking for a complete home gym package that will deliver you the benefits of machine exercises, as well as free weights; then look no further than the Elite Strength Training System Package.

Key Features:

  • Designed in the USA by BODYCRAFT, and incredibly reputable and high quality brand!
  • Semi-commercial grade
  • Unique “active balance” option
  • Unique “Double-Up Feature” increases the resistance to a  1:2 ratio, providing up to 400 pounds (180kg) of resistance.
  • Easily adjustable for your own comfort
  • 200lb (90kg) weight stack to provide plenty of resistance
  • Leg Press Attachment

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With it’s compact, high quality design, incredible features including a fantastic amount of available resistance and exercise options; look no further than our Elite Strength Training System. Bodycraft have spared to expense in creating the ultimate home gym experience, which provides a breathtaking level of quality, comfort and options for users of any strength level to get the very best out of their home workouts.

The Elite Strength Training System Package features the following:

Unique active balance system which with a simple adjustment allows you can swap from the machine providing rigid, stable resistance like normal home gyms, to it providing less stability which requires you to balance the weight throughout the exercise much like with traditional free weights!

The benefit of this function is that by making your muscles balance the load, it increases muscle fiber stimulation as smaller stabilizing muscles and fibers need to come in to play to successfully move the load; resulting in greater strength and muscle development!

Unique double up feature, If you are a particularly strong individual, this feature can allow you to increase the resistance by a 1:2 ratio, to push your muscles to the limit!

Cable Station which features incredibly adjustable arms, allowing for a wide variety of exercises to be performed, ranging from traditional resistance training exercise, to functional and sport specific movements

Ab Crunch Station for abdominal training

High Pulley Station for lat pull downs, and triceps push downs.

Leg station– one of the few home gyms to offer both seated leg curls and extensions, as well as standing hamstring curls!

Low Pulley Station swivels to accommodate the space you have to work with in your home gym. The station includes a foot plate for key back developing exercises such as low rows, and provides the option to perform isolation exercises such as abductor and adductor swing throughs, arm curls, and even shoulder movements such as side laterals, and upright rows etc.

Fully Adjustable to fit any user. The high quality, and comfortable seat is easily adjusted to fit individuals of almost any size. Simply use the handle conveniently located under the seat and the spring assisted seat easily adjusts to your desired height. The ergonomic back pad adjusts forward and backwards and then automatically "cradles" the user for full support and protection. The dual-layered Orthopedic Back Pad is designed to provide full lumbar support while reducing stress on the spine – Very few home gyms consider comfort and ergonomics to this incredible level!

Sealed, internally lubricated bearings at pivot points for exceptionally smooth performance every time!

Leg Press Attachment provides the ability to take your lower body development to the next level! Very few home gyms provide the option of a leg press


Technical Specifications

NameElite Strength Training System Package
Warranty Terms10 Year Frame, 1 Year Parts/Labour & Upholstery (Semi Commercial Use*)
Assembly RequiredSome Assembly Required
Set-up DimensionsL: 1800mm x H: 2100mm x W: 2200mm

Here's what some of our customers are saying about this product

From: Graeme

- Hamilton

Could not be happier - the price was fantastic and No1Fitness even helped me out with finding a local specialist for assembly (thanks again Dom!). If you are sitting on the fence - don't - its a fantasyic purchase at this price!

(Posted on 21/08/2014)

From: Lynda

- Hamilton

The Elite strength training system is a fantastic machine! It provides a complete leg workout that not many home gyms have. There are plenty of exercises in both the machine and free weights which is great. The leg press is a little close to the main machine which makes using the cable arm on that side a little awkward, but a small issue considering the space required to have a complete home gym.

(Posted on 17/12/2013)