Volt 7ft Mens Olympic Bar

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If you are looking for an Olympic bar built to the highest standards look no further than our VOLT Men’s Training Bar. This bar meets the traditional International Weight Lifting Federation (IWF) specifications so will more than meet your needs.

Key Features:

  • 155,000+ psi spring steel
  • Brass bushings, which are shielded and secured inside the sleeve
  • Mens  bars - 20kg, 28mm thick bar, 2200mm overall length
  • Black Manganese Phosphate coated shaft + Triple Chrome Sleeve
  • 30,000 drop tested to ensure safety and durability for use with Olympic lifting

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The bar is coated in Manganese Phosphate, which is characteristically tough, black and chalky feeling; which provides a feel like it is absorbing your sweat rather than getting slippery as with other bars. This combined with IWF knurling makes this one hard bar to drop.

The bar has a moderate whip allows optimal performance on clean and jerks, or snatches.

These bars are manufactured with much higher grade steel than many others on the market, therefore allowing them to be a smaller diameter. This decrease in the diameter of the bar is crucial to optimizing your ability to grip heavy loads and lift your absolute maximum on all lifts.  Never again will you need to have your personal bests held back by grip failure

Technical Specifications

NameVolt 7ft Mens Olympic Bar
Bar Weight20kg
MaterialSteel + Black Manganese Phosphate coated shaft + Triple Chrome Sleeve
Bar Size7ft
Flat or Spin Lock CollarsFlat (Spring Collars not Included)
Standard (25mm) or Olympic (50mm)Olympic
Warranty Terms10 Year Frame, 1 Year Parts/Labour (Light Commercial Product Warranty)
Warranty TypeSemi Commercial
OtherBar has Brass Bushes and meets the traditional International Weight Lifting Federation (IWF) specifications

Here's what some of our customers are saying about this product

From: justin

- Auckland..

Very glad I made the upgrade. The smooth spin on the collars makes so much more difference to lifts than I was expecting. However, knurling is not as sharp as I hoped - although the finish of the bar makes for a very secure grip. Can feel bar flex even at 130Kg.

(Posted on 22/02/2017)

From: Martin

- Port Chalmers

An excellent bar. For anyone who is considering buying this is really good value. I bought this as an extra bar for Olympic lifts and have been surprised how much better it is than my existing bar. Is definitely worth the money.

(Posted on 14/06/2016)

From: Finn

- Christchurch

Nice barbell, the sleeves spin smoothly and the knurling is just right. This is an excellent bar for the price. Having used bars from $100 through to over $1000, this bar feels like a higher end bar only at a much more affordable price. Would make a good all rounder for the majority of peoples needs

(Posted on 17/04/2016)

From: Oskar

- Christchurch

Not only does this barbell perform great, it looks great. This barbell is a wise purchase if you are serious about lifting. Perfect for the Olympic lifts but also a great purchase for power lifting. Well worth the money.

(Posted on 09/02/2016)

From: Ben

- Hastings

(Posted on 15/09/2015)

From: Amrit

- Auckland

Bar is awesome, great value for IWF spec bar. I'm using for both oly and power lifts. Has good whip but not so much that it's annoying, knurling feels awesome for big deadlifts, bushings are above average on the sleeves and the center knurling is a great added touch that significantly helps for squats. Highly recommended bar, won't find better for the price.

(Posted on 09/09/2015)

From: IC

- Wellington

Great bar. Full Olympic spec and extremely good quality. Well worth the money... would buy again, but I i'll never need to given how well it's made.

(Posted on 07/09/2015)

From: Tyler

- Wellington

As noted on the website the bar comes coated in Black Oxide, its purpose is to absorb sweat and make gripping the bar far easier than your typical commercial gym bars. This means wiping the bar down after every session so the sweat doesn’t bake onto the bar. I used chalk and eventually straps to combat this as it was very hard to use for those first 3-5 weeks. The knurling is typical to a common IPF bar I would describe as a soft Eleiko bar knurling. 28mm is the perfect thickness for me, a mil under or over and I find it very hard to hold for dead lifting. Personally I would prefer a tougher knurling as that’s what I am used to now BUT it is sold as a Olympic and Cross fit bar so it is perfect for that need. After weeks of wiping down I noticed it became much easier to grip and deads were back to where I expected them to be. . A very subtle bend in the bar before breaking the floor makes it a good Powerlifting bar. In regards to squats it’s pretty ideal as there is not much movement at the bottom or top of the squat which is common when going over the 200kg mark for most bars that are not powerlifting specific. With the ability to cross over from Powerlifting to Olympic lifting makes it a great bar to user from home or any commercial gym. Its durable to withstand dropping and a bit of rough and tumble as opposed to a Powerlifting specific bar at double the cost.

(Posted on 07/04/2015)

From: Calvin

- Gisborne

Great Bar! Excellent grip. Centre knurl for back squats. Will serve me well for powerlifting.

(Posted on 03/04/2015)

From: Kevin

- Wellington

Fabulous bar which is easily comparable to bars I use in commercial gyms. Bushings spin very freely indeed without any play at all. Black oxide coating feels rough and absorbent as intended. 28mm bar great for preserving grip during really heavy pulling work. Knurling just the right level of roughness. Single outer markings only.

(Posted on 29/09/2014)