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Abdominal exercise is essential for a well-rounded fitness program. The core forms the foundation for any movement your body performs.

If your general workout is built on a strong core you are able to get more out of the exercises and have a reduced chance of injury.

There are 29 muscles in your core that work together to provide the engine room for your body. The abs need a balanced workout with a range of movements to offer the extra stability and power that a strong core gives.

What are the benefits of core training?

Core training is very important, as the core can be thought of as the bridge between your lower and upper body. Beyond looking good, a well developed and strong core keeps your spine healthy by supporting it (a key component for prevention of lower back pain), and higher levels of core strength can lead to greater levels of limb strength.

Will your door mounted sit up bars damage my door?

No, our door mounted sit up bars are designed to be used without permanent damage to your door, as no screws or bolts are required to attach them in place!

What size swiss ball is ideal for me based on my height?

Although we all have our own preferences, the general guideline for swiss ball sizes is that for individuals less than 5’5” tall, a 55cm swiss ball is ideal. While individuals 5’6” - 5‘11” will be best suited to a 65cm swiss ball; and individuals taller than 6 foot will need a 75cm swiss ball.

What are the best value ab products for home?

We have several highly effective and simple to use devices to train your abdominal muscles at home. Some suggestions are our ab cruncher machine, ab exercise wheel, and our swiss ball and medicine ball ranges.


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Our range of Ab Products offers the tools for a more complete core workout.