Medicine Balls

Medicine balls are an old school, yet incredibly effective and fun tool for core strengthening and conditioning. They can be used to perform a multitude of multi-directional movements, as well as throwing exercises which can be performed alone or with a partner!

Q: What are medicine balls good for?

Medicine balls are a very popular piece of gym equipment that have been used for many decades! They are useful for rehabilitation exercises, as well as plyometric training to help develop power in athletes. This is due to the fact that they can add resistance to the same catching, and throwing movements performed in sports such as basketball, netball and rugby etc. They are often popularly used for core strengthening exercises too such as medicine ball sit ups, twists as well as sit up and throw/catches with a partner. When considering how many possible uses a medicine ball can have, it is as well justified addition to your home equipment arsenal!

Q: Are your medicine balls suitable for slamming off the ground for plyometric training?

Unfortunately not, our range of rubber medicine balls is not designed for this purpose and doing so may cause damage to your medicine ball. You will need to purchase one of our slam balls instead.


Here at No.1 fitness we are proud to deliver our range of competitively priced, high quality medicine balls to cater to your exercise needs!