Power Bags

Power bag training is an effective way to develop your functional strength and co-ordination. Thanks to the instability provided by the bag when used as resistance, your body will have to call upon its stabilizing muscles to correctly perform the multitude of exercise options available – something that often doesn’t get developed when using the machines at the gym!

Q: Why do your power bags come unfilled?

Our bags come unfilled due to the fact that we operate primarily as an online store, delivering products nationwide. By proving the bags empty (simply requiring sand to fill), we can cut down shipping costs and therefore offer you our highly competitive prices!

Q: What are power bags good for?

Power bags provide resistance (which can be adjusted by adding or removing sand) and have handles attached to grip them. They provide an element of instability compared to traditional free weights due to the variable resistance produced by the fact that the sand can move around in the bag; with the majority of people only being able to lift 40-50% of what they can with dumbbells or barbells.

These bags can be great for power oriented plyometric exercises, as well as functional movements such as squats, lunges and throwing motions (a great training tool for martial artists).


Our range of power bags are high quality, incredibly priced and perfect for you to add to your current routine! Please see our full range below