Rubber Floor Tiles

Don’t risk your flooring for any longer! Our competitively priced range of floor tile solutions are perfect for any serious lifter/s.

We offer both domestic and commercial grade options which are perfect for absorbing the impact (and noise!) produced from weights as they are set down on your flooring.

Q: how long do your floor tiles last?

Our fantastic range of floor tiles are design to last! For this reason we back them with fantastic warranties. We are also proud to offer both domestic and commercial grade options to ensure that there is a floor tiling solution perfect for your own particular requirements! 

Q: Do I need flooring for my home gym?

Although a lot of people get by without putting down proper flooring in a home gym, we recommend that floor tiles are an investment well worth considering. Not only so they offer improved protection against damage to your floors if you accidentally drop a weight; they also help reduce the noise produced by heavy weights being placed onto the ground, lessening the likelihood of disturbing your other flat mates or family members.


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