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Q: What are the benefits of exercising on a bike?

Cycling provides a fantastic way to increase fitness and burn calories. Exercise bikes and spin bikes offer a low impact workout, which can strengthen your legs and tone your buttocks and hamstrings. They are very easy to use, and rain or shine you can be sure of getting your exercise from the comfort and privacy of your home!

There are many health and fitness benefits to be had from regular cycling exercise:

  • Decreased body fat percentage
  • Increased sense of wellbeing (stress relief)
  • Decreased blood cholesterol
  • Increased cardiovascular health and fitness
  • Decreased resting blood pressure
  • Increased lower body strength
  • Improved knee joint health

Q: What are the main differences or benefits of exercise bikes versus spin bikes?

Exercise bikes and spin bikes are both great forms of exercise, however they are a bit different. Exercise bikes feature oversized seats for improved comfort, built in manual or motorized resistance levels, as well as (depending on the model) pre-programmed exercise programs to take you through a workout. While spin bikes are designed to replicate road biking more accurately with a frame, seat, and handlebars similar to that of a typical road bike; and the resistance is manually applied to a flywheel - which can provide a lot more resistance to allow for intense training!

The typical spin bike flywheel weighs either 20kg or 30kg depending on the model; while the typical exercise bike flywheel weighs between 6kg to 10kg. Therefore spin bikes are the better option for very strong or fit individuals to push their training to a higher level due to greater potential resistance. While exercise bikes are a fantastic choice for beginners or those individuals with more modest fitness goals. The increased comfort and number of features can make exercise bikes more enjoyable for these individuals to use, ensuring the consistent use and effort required to achieve the results they want!

Your decision to buy either an exercise bike or spin bike will generally come down to your own preferences and exercise needs as an individual. Factors that will influence your needs are your exercise experience, fitness level, comfort requirements, height, body weight and training goals.

Q: I have bad knees so probably shouldn’t bike, right?

This is a common mindset among many people. It is of course best to consult your doctor or a physiotherapist regarding problems such as this and not contradict any specific advice they give you.

However generally speaking, exercising on a bike can be highly beneficial for knee problems. This is due to the fact that articular cartilage requires the delivery of nutrients via the synovial fluid found in our joints to keep healthy; this fluid is best supplied via moving the joint in exercise.  When we get sore joints and avoid moving them for extended periods of time, arthritis can develop more quickly due to this lack of movement and delivery of nutrients to the cartilage; resulting in accelerated degeneration .

Cycling can be very beneficial for knees as it involves a great amount of knee flexion and extension, getting the joint moving as well as toning up and developing the muscles that support the joint. It is also low impact, so due to requiring less load bearing than options such as jogging it can be surprisingly pain-free!

We recommend picking an exercise bike which can provide enough resistance to help develop the muscles surrounding the knee as your training progresses. Our range of motorized resistance exercise bikes or spin bikes are perfect for this!

Q: Are exercise bikes or spin bikes time consuming or difficult to maintain?

Maintenance for exercise and spin bikes is a quick and easy process:

Exercise bikes

  • Make sure that before use all of the adjustment pins are tightened, this will decrease enlarging of the pin hole.
  • Make the sure pedals are fixed tightly
  • Once every year for average home users, grease the adjustment threads

Spin bikes

  • Silicon spray the felt pad to minimize break squeaking, as well as wear and tear (this will not affect the grip)
  • Once every year for average home users, oil the chain and grease the adjustment threads
  • If you sweat a lot, it is recommended to wipe down your Spin Bike after every workout.

Q: I don’t have much space in my home, are your exercise bikes and spin bikes space saving?

The majority of our exercise bikes and spin bikes are designed to be as space saving as possible and have wheels on the front to make them easily moveable.  This means that you don’t need to have them in the same place all the time – if you have company coming over and need the lounge back just tip them up and wheel them away to more convenient location!

Q: Is biking an ideal exercise? Aren’t the other options such as cross-trainers better as they are a full body workout?

Although biking only involves the lower body, it is a highly effective form of exercise. This is because the leg muscles are the biggest muscle group in our bodies; and therefore by increasing their metabolic requirements through a cycling session your metabolism can be amped up significantly – leading the impressive fat loss as well as fitness gains!

Many individuals find they experience greater fitness and fat loss results through cycling. This is due to the fact that as they are seated and can overcome the mental barriers telling them to give up by focusing everything on continuing to pump their legs to get through that tough moment of their workout.

Consistency and effort are also factors in how effective any form of exercise will be for an individual. As a result, individuals who enjoy cycling compared to the other options such as cross training and running will achieve greater results as the truth of the matter is that the best exercise regime is one that you enjoy - so you will stick with it!

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