Buying an Exercise Bike

An exercise bike has long been one of the best ways to increase fitness and burn calories. Exercise bikes offer a low impact workout, strengthening your legs and toning your buttocks and hamstrings.

Exercise bikes are very easy to use, and rain or shine you can be sure of getting your exercise from the comfort and privacy of your home.

Exercise bikes are also a fantastic option for home cardio equipment as they are relatively compact in size compared to other options and also very affordable!

Exercise Bike Features to consider:

  • The weight of the flywheel is a feature to consider, as a heavier flywheel allows for greater resistance to potentially be applied; which is ideal for stronger or fitter users. A heavier flywheel also can produce a smoother feeling when used.
  • Many of our exercise bikes come with fitness programs preloaded; simulating real riding conditions and keeping your workout interesting, effective and fun. The addition of these programs can prevent you from feeling stale about your fitness regime, as you try a different fun, and effective workout each session!
  • Crank type, depending on the particular model exercise bikes will contain either a 1-piece or 3-piece crank. 3-Piece cranks provide increased strength and durability so it is worth investing a bit more into a bike with one of these higher quality cranks if possible, especially if it is likely to be heavily used by yourself or your family.
  • Adjustable seats and handle bars are important for ensuring comfort for multiple users. Our exercise bikes provide this feature and are quick and easy to adjust!
  • Large easy to use LCD displays for monitoring your progress. Our exercise bikes present valuable information such as time, distance, calories burnt and heart rate read outs in a very user friendly way!
  • Some of our exercise bike models offer a hand pulse heart rate monitor which gives you instant feedback, allowing you to exercise in your optimum training zone.
  • Transport wheels are included with most models making them easy to move around.


Exercise Bike Benefits:

  • Easy to use! It's as easy as riding a bike!
  • Exercise anytime of day or night, rain or shine and maintain a consistent and effective fitness regime.
  • Develop, tone and strengthen quadriceps, gluteal and hamstring muscles. And also workout your most important muscle - your heart!
  • Exercise bikes offer a great cardio workout.
  • What better way to relieve the stress of a busy day at work than a few minutes on an exercise bike!

In Summary

Exercise Bikes offer a great no impact cardio workout, ideal for people who want to lose weight, get fit or strengthen legs and tone buttocks.

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