Exercise Bike Maintenance Guide

Excercyles are really easy to keep well maintained. There is a relatively small amount you can do to keep you cycle well maintained but sticking to the following guidelines you will find you increase the life of your product.


After each use wipe any sweat off the exercycle. Sweat will eat through powder coat and paint and you may end up having rust issues over time. Sweat can also make its way into some plastics leaving unsightly stains. It can also damage LCDscreens if it leeches in around the edges.

Frame and Pedals:

Once a month it pays to check the bolts on the Exercycle are all tight.

This removes knocking noises and ensures a nice stable platform to perform you exercise on. Pedals need to be really tightly screwed into their cranks if they aren’t over time the hardened pedal thread will strip out the softer crank thread, resulting in pedals that don’t remain on the bike.

If you have any further questions regarding Exercycle maintenance please email tech@no1fitness.co.nz and one of our friendly customer services team will respond to your enquiry.