Spin Bikes

Spin bikes are perfect for more experienced or dedicated riders, with heavier flywheels and more solid construction than many exercise bikes.
Spin bikes have traditionally been used in gym spin classes, and simulate the effect of inertia and momentum you would normally experience riding a bike, giving you much more resistance and a higher intensity workout.

Spin bikes vs Exercise bikes

The primary difference in a spin bike is that the flywheel that provides resistance is generally much heavier, and is directly connected to the pedals. You have to get the flywheel going by pedalling hard, and if you stop pushing the pedals will continue to spin, you cannot freewheel with a spin bike like you would on a exercise bike. The easiest comparison is a fixed-gear bicycle where if the wheels are moving then the pedals are too.

Flywheel weight

Our spin bikes come in a range of flywheel weights, with the heavier flywheels providing more resistance and a tougher workout. Our entry level spin bike has a 20kg flywheel, while our higher end spin bike has a 30kg flywheel. All our spin bikes have variable resistance levels to increase or decrease the effort required.

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