Buying a Spin Bike

Cycling provides a fantastic way to increase fitness and burn calories. Spin bikes offer a low impact workout, which can strengthen your legs and tone your buttocks and hamstrings. They are very easy to use, and rain or shine you can be sure of getting your exercise from the comfort and privacy of your home. These bikes provide a terrific option for road biking enthusiasts wanting to maintain their fitness levels over those long winter months where it’s not so easy to get out for a bike ride due to poor weather conditions. As well as beginners to exercise looking for a fun, effective way to get fit!

Spin bikes are designed to replicate road biking more accurately than traditional exercycles with a frame, seat, and handlebars similar to that of a typical road bike; and the resistance is manually applied to a flywheel. The typical spin bike flywheel is either 20kg or 30kg, while an exercycle only has an 6kg to 10kg flywheel generally. This greater flywheel weight means that spin bikes can provide a much higher level of resistance – therefore strengthening the muscles more and burning a greater number of calories due to the higher workout intensity!

Spin bikes are also safe to stand up on due to their strong supporting frames while you pedal to push yourself even further in your workouts. They also do not free wheel like an actual road bike which can motivate you to keep pedaling through the tough moments of your spin bike training routine!

Spin Bike Features to consider

  • Highly adjustable resistance to help challenge yourself in your workouts – capable of higher levels of resistance than traditional exercise bikes! This is due to the greater weight of a spin bike flywheel comparative to an exercise bike.
  • Flywheel size; our flywheels are a fantastic size, ranging from 20-30kg depending on the particular model while other spin bikes can be limited with only 13-18kg flywheels. This greater weight of flywheel allows you to push your workouts to new limits with our spin bikes in terms of intensity, burning a fantastic amount of calories!
  • Crank type, Cheaper quality spin bikes will only contain a 1-piece crank as they are inexpensive to produce but more prone to bearing wear and breakage; while 3-Piece cranks provide increased strength and dependable performance for every rider. Our bikes contain these higher quality 3-piece cranks to deliver both quality, and reliability.
  • Chain versus belt driven; spin bikes are either chain or belt driven. Both options are incredibly reliable, however if the spin bike you are purchasing is for semi-commercial or commercial purposes a belt driven spin bike would be preferable as due to no lubrication of chains being required, almost no maintenance is needed!
  • Sturdy frames capable of supporting heavier user weights; making spin bikes the ideal choice for a multitude of people ranging from overweight beginners, to well built male athletes!
  • Some of our spin bike models offer hand pulse heart rate monitors allowing you to exercise in your optimum training zone.
  • Adjustable seats and handle bars are important for ensuring comfort for multiple users. Our spin bikes provide this feature and are quick and easy to adjust!
  • Transport wheels are included with most models making them easy to move around; making spin bikes a great option for home use as they can be moved out of the way with ease if you need the lounge space back due to company coming around!


Spin Bike Benefits

  • Easy to use! It's as easy as riding a bike!
  • Exercise anytime of day or night, rain or shine and maintain a consistent and effective fitness regime.
  • Develop, tone and strengthen quadriceps, gluteal and hamstring muscles. And also workout your most important muscle - your heart!
  • Spin bikes offer a great cardio workout.
  • What better way to relieve the stress of a busy day at work than a few minutes on a bike!


In Summary

Spin bikes offer a great no impact cardio workout, ideal for people who want to lose weight, get fit or strengthen legs and tone buttocks.

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