Spin Bike FAQ


Q: What are the benefits of exercising on a spin bike?
Spin bikes provide a fantastic way to increase fitness and burn calories. Spin bikes offer an intense, low impact workout, which can strengthen your entire lower body as well as improve your fitness. They are very easy to use, and rain or shine you can be sure of getting your exercise from the comfort and privacy of your home! Perfect for the road biking enthusiast during winter!

Q: How do spin bikes differ from other exercise bikes?
Spin bikes are designed to replicate road biking more accurately with a frame, seat, and handlebars similar to that of a typical road bike. The resistance is manually applied to a flywheel - which can provide a lot more resistance to allow for intense training!

The typical spin bike flywheel weighs either 20kg or 30kg depending on the model; while the typical exercise bike flywheel weighs between 6kg to 10kg. Therefore spin bikes are the better option for very strong or fit individuals to push their training to a higher level due to greater potential resistance!

Q: Can you free wheel on a spin bike?
Unlike an actual road bike, spin bikes do not free wheel. Therefore you need to either slow down by applying pressure to a break, or by slowing down with your legs. This feature can help push your training further as it motivates you to keep pedaling through the tough moments in your workout!

Q: Can you stand up and pedal on a spin bike?
Yes. Our spin bikes have very strong frames with high weight limits and Fixed-Wheel Transmissions to allow getting up out of the seat (cheaper quality bikes only contain a free-wheel transmission/single crank). These features allow for you to stand up and pedal if you wish to do so; helping to stress your leg muscles to new limits and increase your metabolism even further!

Q: Are spin bikes time consuming or difficult to maintain?

Spin bikes are very easy to maintain with little effort or time commitment required:

  • Silicon spray the felt pad to minimize break squeaking, as well as wear and tear (this will not affect the grip) – Every few months.
  • Once every year for average home users, oil the chain and grease the adjustment threads

Both of which are simple and easy to do!

Q: I don’t have much space in my home, are spin bikes space saving?
Spin bikes are designed to be as space saving as possible with wheels on the front to make them easily moveable.  Despite being incredibly strong, the frames for spin bikes are relatively light for their weight capacity; ensuring that wheeling your spin bike away isn’t difficult!

Q: I own a studio or gym, and are looking for a semi-commercial or full commercial exercise bike or spin bike?
We offer a fantastic range of bikes; ranging from domestic to semi-commercial and full commercial options to meet your specific needs. Please refer to the product descriptions and specifications listed at the bottom of each bike’s page to help guide your decision.

Q: I’m used to exercise bikes, do spin bikes have manual or motorized resistance?
Spin bikes make use of manually adjusted resistance. A high level of resistance can be applied to the flywheel with ease – it’s as simple as twisting a dial!

Q: Many bikes I’m looking at from various companies mention different crank types, what’s the difference?
Cheaper quality bikes will only contain a 1-piece crank, however 3-Piece cranks provide increased strength and dependable performance for every rider. Our bikes contain these higher quality cranks to deliver both quality, and reliability to you!

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