Spin Bike Maintenance Guide

Maintaining your Spinbike is important to ensure you don’t prematurely wear it out. The following is a brief guide of the most important things to make sure you get the most out of your machine.

Key areas of importance when it comes to Spinbike maintenance;


After each workout it is really important to wipe any sweat off your Spinbike. Sweat will eat away at paint and powder coat. Over time this will allow sweat to get to the metal of the frame and may cause rusting issues.

Brake Mechanism:

This area needs attention once approximately every two months. If you have a felt brake pad (compacted white material – Most spin bikes have felt pads) spraying it with a silicon spray so the pad is thoroughly soaked is recommended; this will increase the life of the pad. If you can get to the threaded rod part of the brake mechanism (as below) a small amount of grease run across the threads will make adjusting the brake easier and reduce wear.

Spin Bike Brake Mechanism


If you have a chain driven bike you will need to, twice a year, grease the chain. General purpose automotive grease is the best thing for this. This can be done by removing the screws from the chain cover so you can see the chain. If the chain has large amounts of dirty fouled grease you will need to remove it using degreaser before continuing. Otherwise just add a small amount of grease all the way around the chain using a paper towel.

Frame and Pedals:

Once a month it pays to check the bolts on the Spinbike are all tight. This removes knocking noises and ensures a nice stable platform to perform your exercise on. Pedals need to be really tightly screwed into their cranks. If they aren’t over time the hardened pedal will strip out the softer crank thread, resulting in pedals that don’t remain on the bike.

If you have any further questions regarding Crosstrainer maintenance please email tech@no1fitness.co.nz and one of our friendly customer services team will respond to your enquiry.