Boxing Bags

We stock a great variety of bags to suit your specific needs and training level, ranging from junior sets, adjustable bags, and heavy bags of differing weights to train your punching power and technique with. As well as speed bags to increase eye hand co-ordination and speed.

Our bags of high quality and very durable!

Q: You sell both genuine and imitation leather bags, which will I require?

This really depends on your experience and training level. Generally speaking, the majority of recreational boxers (i.e. who may use a bag a few times per week for some cardio) or beginners will be fine with an imitation leather bag. More advanced trainees on the other hand are definitely recommended to get a genuine leather bag. This is because genuine leather lasts better if subjected to frequent and heavy use, as more experienced boxers tend to engage in.

Q: Which weight of bag is right for me?

This depends on your weight and boxing skill. Bigger and harder hitting trainees will require at least a 50kg bag so that the bag does not swing too much as a result of their punches. 

Q: Do your boxing bags come filled?

Our genuine leather boxing bags all come pre-filled. We also stock an adjustable imitation leather bag which is adjustable from 20-50kg. This particular bag arrived weighing 20kg, and can be topped up to 50kg by filling the lining on the inside with sand.


Check out our great range of bags below.