Focus Pads

Focus pads are a great tool for boxing and kick boxing training.

We have a great range of focus mitts and shields to suit a multitude of purposes; all of which are durable, comfortable to use and provide a great amount of padding!

Q: What are focus mitts used for?

Focus mitts are padded shields attached to gloves to allow for technique training; they are generally used by combat athletes such as boxers, and mixed martial artists. Focus mitts allow for practicing of the coordination of striking combinations, but don’t have to be reserved simply for combat athletes – they can provide a fantastic and fun form of cardiovascular exercise for all!

Q: What are focus shields for?

Focus shields are used by combat athletes such as mixed martial artists and kick boxers to allow for practice in the coordination, technique and power of kicking movements. A high quality focus shield with adequate padding is definitely worth investing in as it can provide greater safety for both the kicker and their training partner who is holding the shield.


Check out our great range of focus pads below.