We stock a massive selection of gloves!

When considering how many hours of boxing training are spent with gloves on it is important to purchase a high quality, comfortable and durable product to get the most out of your training. Our gloves deliver on these requirements!

Our selection includes: MMA gloves, cotton hand wraps, AIBA approved gloves in a range of sizes, colours and weights.

Q: Which size gloves are best suited to me?

This is a common question; the weight of gloves best suited for you depends on your body weight and purpose. Many individuals will be fine having one set of gloves for both sparring and bag training, while more serious boxers will tend to have different weight gloves for sparring, fighting and bag training.

The following are general guidelines for boxing glove weight specific to body weight, for a pair of training gloves to use for bag work primarily and possibly sparring.

  • 55kg & down  (12oz or 14oz)
  • 55kg – 70kg (14oz – 16oz)
  • 70kg + (16oz – 20oz)

Note: Generally most people will not spar with less than a 16oz glove as it decreases the chance of injuring your training partner. So regardless of your bodyweight if you are smaller (55kg and lower for example) you may want a pair of 16’s for sparring, and then a separate pair of 12 or 14oz gloves for bag work.

When it comes to competition, there may be specific boxing glove weights you need to use to meet class requirements, so this will determine which weight of glove you require.

Q: Do your gloves come in different sizes?

Our gloves come in “one size fits all”. Generally they will be the right size for the majority of users, however if you have smaller hands, the addition of wraps will help fill the gloves out a bit more to make them feel more snug.

Q: What is the difference between your imitation leather, and genuine leather gloves?

Although all of our gloves are high quality, generally speaking genuine leather gloves are more durable and will have more life to them. A new trainee may start with a nice pair of imitation leather gloves, but once it comes time to replace these, it is best to opt for genuine leather as they will last you longer (especially as you begin to hit harder with more experience) and are well worth the investment considering how many hours you will spend wearing them!


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