Head Guards

Safety is important when training for boxing, the use of a head guard and prevent unnecessary concussions from occurring during sparing. Our head guards are of high quality and very durable, with sizes available to accommodate the majority of users.

Head guards allow you to enjoy the numerous health and fitness benefits of boxing training in a very safe manner!

Q: Should I purchase genuine or imitation leather?

This generally depends on how much usage the head guards will receive. More experienced boxers with a heavy and frequent training load are recommended to pay a little bit extra and go with one of our genuine leather head guards. New or less serious trainees however are generally fine to opt for imitation leather instead.

Q: Do your head guards make it safe to be hit in the head lots during training?

Being punched in the head will always carry risks. The purpose of wearing a head guard is to protect yourself and reduce the risks of concussion or head injury if struck in the head during training. It is not to encourage you to let yourself be hit in the head when you normally wouldn’t. Although our head guards do offer fantastic protection, you should still always aim to avoid taking hits to the face of head where possible.


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