Power Bags

Power bags are a incredibly popular training tool for home, or at the gym. Our versatile power bag options provide quality and value for money that is hard to find elsewhere. Please view our full range below!

Q: What are power bags good for?

Power bags provide resistance (which can be adjusted by adding or removing sand) and have handles attached to grip them. They provide an element of instability compared to traditional free weights due to the variable resistance produced by the fact that the sand can move around in the bag; with the majority of people only being able to lift 40-50% of what they can with dumbbells or barbells.

These bags can be great for power oriented plyometric exercises, as well as functional movements such as squats, lunges and throwing motions (a great training tool for martial artists)

Q: What size power bag do I require?

This is hard to recommend for customers, as which bag you require comes down to your own strength levels.  Generally we recommend to select a bag of appropriate weight that it will be challenging for you to perform exercises with, however still light enough that you can maintain safe and correct technique to avoid injury.


Check out our great range of power bags below.