Focus sheilds are a must have for anyone looking to train in muay thai, mixed-martial arts, karate, or taikwondo etc. Our fantastic range of focus sheilds will help you develop your kicking techniques and build up some serious power! We pride ourselves on providing options that are incredibly affordable, but durable and safe at the same time. Don't miss out on our incredible deals, please view our full range below

Are your focus shields made from durable material?

Yes,  No.1 Fitness has gone out of its way to ensure that our focus sheilds are durable and ready to last you and your training partner many countless hard workouts! For this reason we offer high quality, genuine leather options at fantastic prices. Don't settle for less than our range of well manufacturered focus sheilds!

How will a focus shield benefit my training?

Focus shields are a fantastic tool for not only improving kicking power, but also training muscle-memory and co-ordination that is transferable to actual sparring/combat. Focus shields give you the chance to perfect and master the ability to kick or strike an actual person in specific target areas without causing them harm. To put it simply, if you master the ability to always hit your target on a focus shield, with force - you will also be able to do that when the shield isn't there!

What’s the difference between Focus pads & Shields?”

Focus pads are smaller and used specifically for practicing punches. Focus shields on the other hand are large enough to be held at the side of your partner and protect their leg while you practice kicking techniques. No.1 Fitness recommends that anyone training in mixed martial arts should consider investing in both a set of focus pads, and a focus shield.