Cross Trainers

Cross trainers are a great way to get fit without putting any excess pressure on your joints, lowering the risk of injuries.
Elliptical cross trainers are a great way to increase your general fitness levels, since the movement you make is very similar to walking, but you have the option to adjust what level of resistance you feel.

The importance of stride length

Stride length plays a large part in the price of a cross trainer and how comfortable you will feel while exercising. The two things that primarily affect your stride length is how long your legs are (the taller you are, the longer your stride is), and whether you want to walk or run on your cross trainer. Our entry level cross trainer has a stride length of 13 inches compared to our high end model with a variable 18-26 inch stride length.

Manual vs motorised resistance

While all our cross trainers offer variable levels of resistance, on higher end models we have motorised resistance, where it can be changed based on your heart rate, or using a built in programme, that modifies the resistance while you’re exercising.

Should I walk or run on my crosstrainer?

It’s really up to you whether you feel more comfortable walking or running on a cross trainer, you may want to start with just walking, then slowly increase the resistance and your speed until you get up to a run.

Each of our cross trainers have a different “stride length”, so you may find that if you have longer legs, or would prefer to run, that you want to go with a higher end cross trainer.

How does a cross trainer compare to a treadmill?

You will typically burn calories at a slower rate with a cross trainer when compared to a treadmill, but the impact on your joints is lessened.

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