Buying a Cross Trainer

Cross Trainers, also known as Elliptical Cross Trainers are renowned for offering an extremely effective cardio workout but without the wear and tear on your joints. Cross trainers have risen to a high level of popularity due to the fact that they also provide both an upper and lower body workout unlike many forms of traditional cardio; allowing them to help tone the entire body in a fun, comfortable and safe way!

When looking at purchasing a crosstrainer there are multiple features that should be taken into consideration to ensure that you make the right choice for your own specific exercise and comfort needs.


Cross Trainer Features to consider

  • Variable resistance control; either motorised or manual depending on the model you choose. Our range of motorized and manual crosstrainers have the resistance applied to the flywheel via magnets, making it incredibly smooth, with no noticeable friction or noise!
  • Stride length; the stride length of a crosstrainer can have a significant effect on how smooth and comfortable the motion is. A longer stride length is ideal, especially for taller individuals so it is important to take into consideration.
  • The weight of the flywheel. A heavier flywheel increases the amount of resistance that can possibly be applied, increasing the intensity that you can train at. A heavier flywheel also produce a noticeably smoother feeling.
  • Heart rate monitors. Many of our cross trainers come with a heart rate monitor so you can keep your workout in the optimum training zone. This is a fantastic feature as it allows you to keep within a target zone to help achieve your own personal goal from a training session such as fat loss.
  • Some cross trainer models come preloaded with pre-programmed workouts, designed by professional trainers to be highly effective! These workout programs include hill climb simulations and interval training workouts. Pre-programmed workouts can be fun, and effective; helping to ensure your continued and consistent effort towards achieving your goals!


Cross Trainer Benefits

  • Working out on a cross trainer feels like a brisk walk, but you exert similar effort to jogging or running! Now that's an effective workout!
  • A cross trainer works out the muscles in your lower body, firming buttocks and quadriceps, and strengthening calf muscles.
  • The handle bar posts give you the option to workout your upper body at the same time - no need for a separate upper body workout.
  • Cross Trainers are so easy to use, and the handle bar posts make it simple to keep your balance.


In Summary

Cross Trainers offer a great no impact cardio workout, ideal for people who want to lose weight and get fit.

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