Cross Trainer Maintenance Guide

Maintaining your Crosstrainer is important to ensure you don’t prematurely wear it out.

Key areas of importance when it comes to Crosstrainer maintenance;

Pivot points:

No matter what style of elliptical trainer you have there will be areas where the arms and legs rotate on an axle or bolt. These pivot points need to be tightened enough so there is still movement in the desired direction of travel but no sideways movement.

Excessive sideways movement causes knocking noises and extra wear. Crosstrainers with a sealed bearing on the axle do not require greasing however units with a plastic or brass bushing should be greased twice a year with general purpose automotive grease between the axle and bush. This ensures that the moving parts are not rubbing directly on one another and causing wear.

Cross Trainer Bush and Sealed bearing

Bush and Sealed bearing.


Joins in frame:

Areas where the frame is bolted together (e.g. the upright mast to the base or the stabiliser legs to the base) need to be kept really tight. Any movement in these areas can cause knocking or squeaking noises during use. It pays to check once every couple of months that things haven’t loosened off. Using a thread-locking compound is encouraged but it’s still not a permanent solution, checking on a regular basis is the best bet to keep your machine running as best it possibly can. 



Sweat needs to be cleaned off the Crosstrainer after every workout. Sweat will slowly eat away at powder coat and paint exposing the metal underneath which may lead to rusting of the frame. Sweat also can work its way into the console electronics causing the console to cease working.

If you have any further questions regarding Crosstrainer maintenance please email [email protected] and one of our friendly customer services team will respond to your enquiry.