Benches & Single Stations

Here at No.1 fitness we stock a wide range of benches and single stations for incredibly competitive prices. If you are interested in adding a bench or single station to either your home gym or cross training gym, please view our full range below.

What kinds of cross training exercises would I do with a bench/station?

Benches and single stations can be used for targeting specific muscle movements that could benefit from some direct work to improve performance on key exercises. For example a bench press will target the pectoral muscles of the chest, as well as the triceps. Although the main goal of cross training isn’t muscle sculpting like with bodybuilding, the use of a bench press can still provide fantastic benefits to your performance during your daily W.O.D.

Cross training games champion Rich Froning has been noted to make use of a bench to perform close grip bench presses, which then translates to better pressing power in key exercises such as the push-press.


Is using a bench for more advanced cross training?

The use of a bench, or single station is not reserved purely for advanced trainees. Anyone interested in improving their performance during their daily workouts can benefit from paying attention to any particular weak points in their strength. For example, if really struggling with pressing power for exercises such as the push-press, the use of a bench can help strengthen up the chest, shoulders and triceps which will then translate to improved performance!