Bumper Plates & Bars

Cross Training involves the performance of a lot of traditional olympic lifting exercises. Traditional barbells and weight plates are not immune to breaking from the forces placed on them by being dropped, so you will need to invest in a cross training bar and bumper plates.

No.1 fitness prides itself on offering high quality domestic and commercial grade options to cater to your cross training lifting needs.

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How do bumper plates and cross training bars differ to cheaper options?

Bumper plates and cross training bars, unlike regular plates and bars are designed to cope with being dropped. Cross training relies on a lot of Olympic lifts compared to traditional strength training, so if you use a normal bar and plates you are likely to shatter your plates or break the bearings in your barbell. Our fantastic range of bumper plates and cross training bars have all been drop tested to a phenomenal amount to ensure that you can be confident that they will endure the rigors of cross training.

What weight should I start with?

The answer to this question really depends on your own fitness and strength level. Although Cross training workouts generally have specified weights or loads that need to used during a W.O.D;  the weight that you start with can be scaled back to a lower amount if required until your abilities improve.

Is there an ideal weight for cross training?

Generally most cross training W.O.Ds (workout of the day) have a specified load for each exercise. However cross training is scalable to any starting level, so depending on your own current strength level you should select an appropriate starting weight to ensure you can maintain the desired technique and repetitions safely.