Rigs & Racks

Here at No.1 fitness we are proud to offer a fantastic range of high quality rigs and racks perfect for cross training. Whether you are purchasing for a home gym, or a commercial cross training box, we have exactly what you need!

When taking into consideration how much of your cross training will centre around the use of a rig or rack, don’t settle for second best – purchase top quality for a reasonable price with No.1 fitness!

What scale of rack do I require?

When looking at purchasing a rig or rack, the size to go with will depend entirely upon the environment that it is going into. If you are purchasing a rig or rack for a home gym that you will be using for your own training you can go for a smaller and more space saving option. On the other hand of you are purchasing for a cross training box (gym) where multiple trainees will be performing their W.O.D (workout of the day) at the same time, you will need a larger rack that provides room for multiple people at the same time.

How do I use a rack/rig in cross training?

Cross training rigs and racks are a key feature of most cross training gyms (a.k.a boxes) as they are required for many of the key exercises that make up many cross training W.O.Ds (workout of the day). Rigs and racks are used to rack up loaded barbells for the performance of compound exercises such as squats or bench press, as well as being a tool for the performance of the various forms of pull-ups utilized in cross training (thanks to incorporating pull-up bars into their design).