If you are new to cross training, or a more experienced trainee; one of the first things you are likely to purchase to allow you to perform cross training workouts from home is a kettlebell.

Kettlebells are an incredibly versatile piece of equipment to own, as they allow for the performance of traditional resistance training exercises, as well as full body, functional movements such as kettlebell swings, and clean and presses.

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What’s the difference between cast iron and steel?

Kettebells made from steel are more durable than ones made from cast iron. This is not to say that cast iron ones will fall apart, but if you are known to be quite hard on your equipment, or the kettlebells are going into an environment where they will be subject to heavy and frequent use (such as a boot camp or cross training box) then it is well worth investing in kettlebells made from steel.

What weight is ideal for me?

Generally most cross training W.O.Ds (workout of the day) have a specified load for each kettlebell exercise. However cross training is scalable to any starting level, so depending on your own current strength level you should select an appropriate starting kettlebell weight to ensure you can maintain the desired technique and repetitions safely.