Plyometric Boxes

If you are looking for a great quality plyometric box, or box set to add to your home gym or cross training center – we have exactly what you need!

Our range of plyo boxes provides strong, quality options for incredible prices.

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What is the advantage of an adjustable box?

Adjustable plyometric boxes can be a fantastic, space saving option. As rather than having to store an entire set of boxes with differing heights, an adjustable plyometric box allows you to simply adjust the height between users to ensure that each trainee is being challenged to a level that suits them.

What would I use a plyometric box for?

Cross training makes use of many plyometric exercises such as box jumps to develop power in the lower body. Box jumps are one of the best and most effective and fun ways to improve power in your legs, so investing in a good plyometric box for cross training is a great idea!