Power Bags

Power bags are a worthy investment for any keen cross training enthusiast.

Many cross training WODs (workout of the day) involve the use of a power bag to perform functional, full body movements. Power bags present a fun and challenging workout, as they call upon many smaller stabilizing muscles to control them compared to traditional free weights.

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What weight power bag should I get?

When it comes to which weight of power bag to select, generally most cross training W.O.Ds (workout of the day) have a specified load for each exercise. However cross training is scalable to any starting level, so depending on your own current strength level you should select an appropriate starting power bag weight to ensure you can maintain the desired technique and repetitions safely.

What is the difference between a normal power bag and bulgarian bag?

Bulgarian bags feature a different shape compared to a traditional power bag. Bulgarian bags have been primarily designed for multi-directional swinging movements which engage the core. These bags can be a terrific tool for any athletes engaging in cross style training to help improve their grappling skills for combat sports such as MMA or wrestling.