Power Bands

Power bands are an incredibly useful tool for cross training. Not only can they be used to perform assisted pull-ups, but also for various resistance training exercises targeted specifically at any weak points you may have.

Our power bands are high quality, competitively priced, and are waiting becoming the fantastic new addition to your cross training arsenal!

What is the difference between the resistances?

When it comes to purchasing power bands for cross training it is difficult to rate the resistance in a quantitative figure such as kilograms or pounds as the amount of resistance varies throughout the range of a movement depending on the amount of stretch applied. For this reason our powerbands are rated with qualitative terms such as “light” “medium” or “heavy”. These rankings are very helpful when determining which band you will require.

What resistance should I start with?

This really depends on your own starting level. A good recommendation is to select a power band that will allow you to perform the exercises you require with decent enough form to prevent injury, while still presenting a challenge. Generally most people purchasing a power band for cross training are doing so to perform assisted pull ups. You should keep in consideration that the thicker the band the easier the pull-up, and the thinner the power band the more you will be relying on your own strength.