If you are in need of a high quality power sled to take your cross training abilities to the next level, then look no further! As we offer incredible quality and price on range of sled options.

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What do I use a cross training sled for?

Sled pushing and pulling is an exercise that has featured in many of the cross training games, so any avid cross trainee should aim to develop their performance and abilities at this task. Sled work has been incorporated into the range of exercises that cross training comprises of as it matches the main goal of cross training; which is complete, functional fitness. This exercise provides fantastic benefits to athletes as it replicates the forward pushing, and leg drive required in contact team sports such as rugby and American football.

What type of plates can I use with a sled?

Generally speaking our range of cross training sleds are compatible with olympic (50mm diameter hole)  weight plates. However some models may have the ability to accommodate standard (25mm diameter hole) plates as well. Please refer to our product descriptions for clarification regarding whether or not standard plates are compatible with a particular sled product.