Setting Up a Home Gym

Creating your own Home Gym

With the ever increasing cost of gym membership, and the continually decreasing cost of setting up your own home gym; it’s becoming more and more common for individuals who want to keep fit to look at investing in their own equipment.

Besides the health and fitness benefits of daily exercise, the main benefit of investing in creating your own home gym is that you will have the opportunity to get more done.

This is due to no longer needing an (often lengthy) commute to the gym, or having to wait for others to finish with (sometimes selfishly hogging) the equipment you need to use to get through your routine. Despite the fears some people have of not going to the gym, they will actually tend to get better results from home than via the gym due to these factors.

There are several things to consider when deciding to make the fantastic leap from the overcrowded gym scene, to your own private home set up such as the following:


What kind of equipment should I get?

This will depend first and foremost on what kind of training you prefer, and your own fitness goals. For example if you simply want to be fitter and lose fat then you may stick to cardio equipment and some basic resistance training equipment; while if you aspire for a lean, muscular and sculpted physique you will want to invest in the equipment you require to develop all your muscle groups with resistance training.

Experience level also comes into things, as while a beginner may be fine to simply invest in a basic barbell or dumbbell set, more experienced trainees will look into purchasing options to allow for more exercises, such as squat racks, benches and even cable / pulley systems.


How much space do I have to work with?

This is important to determine, as it can make the difference between which particular products, or models you choose to purchase; as you want to allow yourself adequate floor space to not only fit your equipment but also to use it correctly and comfortably.


Ideas for home gym packages:

Often the problem people come across when looking at starting a home gym is that it can be a bit daunting working out what they want as there are so many options to choose from! The following will list and discuss some ideas that will help you to decide.


Power Cage Package

Power Cage Package:

  • Power Cage + Attachments
  • FID Bench (flat, incline , decline)
  • 100kg Olympic Barbell Set

This package idea provides plenty of options for those who are looking to develop the muscles of their entire body.

By purchasing a power cage, and an inclinable bench, this allows for everything from bench presses (flat, incline and decline) to be performed, as well as other exercises such as shoulder presses, squats, lunges and even pull-ups!

This is very advantageous as not much extra floor space is taken up compared to if just purchasing a traditional bench press with spotters; but so many more options are available for training rather than only being able to develop your pectoral muscles with bench presses.

The power cage also makes training alone incredibly safe as it easily spots you as you perform exercises. The attachments also allow for isolation training with pulleys which allows for the development of muscles which aren’t as easy to isolate with traditional barbell exercises. The addition for the Olympic weight tree is also great, as it keeps the plates from the 100kg weight set off the floor and out of the way for safety (and tidiness)!



Smiths Machine Package

Smith Machine Package

  • Smith Machine Set
  • 100kg Olympic Barbell Set
  • Spin Bike

This package delivers a huge number of options for a price similar to a couple of years worth of gym membership. The smith machine set allows for the performance of a full body workout from all angles, both with the guided barbell, as well as with the pec developer and cables.

The addition of the 100kg barbell set not only provides the weight plates required to begin using your smith machine, but also the option to perform exercises with a free barbell rather than a guided one where desired; as the smith machine allows for the option to rack up a traditional free-weight barbell on the front.

The addition of a spin bike will take care of your cardiovascular exercise needs while not taking up too much extra floor space if you are limited for space. The easy transport wheels located on the front will also mean that if required you can wheel the bike out of the way if you need extra space when performing certain exercises.



Home Gym Package

Home Gym Package:

  • Home Gym
  • 50kg Barbell Set
  • Standard Weight Tree
  • Treadmill, Cross Trainer, Rowing Machine or Bike.

This set up is a great option for beginners to resistance training, as the home gym machine will guide the trainee through a multitude of exercises safely; lowering the risk of injury due to poor technique.

The 50kg barbell set allows for the performance of barbell and dumbbell exercises with moderate weight; while the addition of a piece of cardio equipment will facilitate fat loss and improvements to cardiovascular fitness.




Cardio / Fat loss Package

Cardio / Fat Loss Package:

  • Treadmill, Cross Trainer, Rowing Machine or Bike
  • Swiss Ball
  • Skipping Rope
  • 20kg Dumbbell Set

This basic set up provides you with everything you need to begin circuit style cardiovascular training from home.

You and a friend can alternate between several stations to facilitate incredible fat loss, in fun and challenging ways with a total cost much lower than the yearly cost of most gyms once you consider the saved time, and petrol costs.


If you need any further ideas

Please feel free to contact our helpful, and skilled Sales team via 0800 222 190 to discuss your home fitness needs, and get even more information or further ideas about possible home gym set ups which would suit your needs and budget perfectly, to allow you to take your fitness training to the next level!

Don’t put up with that long commute to the gym any longer, enjoy staying fit in the warmth, comfort and convenience of your own home this year!