Rowing Machines

Rowing Machines are excellent exercise, because they work a large number of all your muscles every stroke, and have a wide range of resistance levels that adjust based on the amount of effort you’re putting in.
Indoor rowing machines are a great way to stay fit and train for rowing, with the added bonus of being able to track how well your doing in terms of time, speed and strokes.

Air vs Magnetic Rowers

You will notice that in our rowing machine range, we note that some are air rowers, and some are magnetic rowers. This refers to the way resistance is achieved.

Air Rowers have resistance based on the force of a fan spinning inside the machine; as you pull the cable, you will experience air resistance as the fan tries to push air through a vent (this can be adjusted by you to make it easier/harder). A big benefit of air rowers is that the harder you pull the handle, the more resistance you will experience, so you can decide for yourself while exercising.

Magnetic Rowers have resistance based on a magnet acting on a metal wheel inside the rowing machine; as the strength of the magnet is increased/decreased it becomes harder to pull the handle. Magnetic rowers have the benefit of being able to have the resistance automatically adjusted for you while you’re exercising, based on a set workout. And since our magnetic rowers also have fans, if you pull the rope harder, the level of resistance also changes.

Automatic vs Manual resistance

You manually adjust the resistance on the air rowers by opening or closing the vent more, whereas on our magnetic rowers you can have it automatically make the resistance higher or lower based on a set workout, or your heart rate.

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