Rowing Machine Maintenance Guide

Maintaining your Rower is important to ensure you don’t prematurely wear it out. The following is a brief guide of the most important things to make sure you get the most out of your machine.

Key areas of importance when it comes to Rower maintenance;


After each workout it is really important to wipe any sweat off your Rower. Sweat will eat away at paint and powder coat. Over time this will allow sweat to get to the metal of the frame and may cause rusting issues.

Guide Rail:

This area needs attention every week. It needs to be kept free of dust and debris. If the wheels roll over dust and debris it ingrains itself in either the wheel or the rail itself. Over time this will pit the wheels or guide rail making for a bumpy workout.


If you have a chain attached to your rowing handle once every 6 months you should give it a light oiling. The chain should be free of build-up before re-greasing if it is dirty use an automotive degreaser and paper towel to remove the build-up.

To oil the chain; pull the chain to its full extent and while holding the handle use a clean paper towel to rub lubricant along the length of the chain. 3 in 1 oil or 20W motor oil are recommended. About 1 teaspoon of lubricant is plenty.

If you have any further questions regarding Crosstrainer maintenance please email and one of our friendly customer services team will respond to your enquiry.