We have a wide range of different weight benches with a multitude of different attachments to suit your needs, from simple bench press, to more advanced powerlifting.
Our weight benches start at the very simple stationary flat bench, right up to the heavy duty olympic weight bench with spotters for commercial gyms, home trainers, or the more hardcore.

Adjustable Weight Benches

Aside from our entry level flat bench, you’ll find the ability to adjust the incline of all of our benches, with heavy duty construction to prevent any slipping.

It’s important to note that each of our benches has a maximum weight rating, so you need to take into account the combined weight of both yourself and your added weight (dumbbell, weight plate etc). Our entry level utility bench supports 200KG total, vs our commercial bench supporting 450KG.

Weight Bench Attachments

Depending on the weight bench you decide on, you may already have leg developers and preacher pad attachments come with the bench, otherwise many of our weight benches have the option for additional attachments for both leg and arm exercises.

The importance of spotting

Whenever doing any kind of exercise with weights, it’s important you have someone to spot you, or use a bench press stand, to reduce the risk of injury should you find you can’t quite make that last rep. Some of our weight benches come with a stand to rest your weights on, otherwise they can be used with our squat racks & power cages.

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