Commercial Equipment

Commercial Gym Equipment, suitable for fitness centres, professional gyms, or the dedicated home gym.
All of our commercial gym equipment is designed to withstand repeated all-day use, built with heavy-duty steel and tested to ensure safety and durability under prolonged use.

Commercial Fitness Equipment Warranty

We’ve been providing high-grade fitness equipment to a wide range of companies and individuals for a number of years, and with a full warranty, and service technicians nationwide, you can be assured of the service you will receive should anything need to be repaired.

Our Commercial fitness equipment warranty covers frames for 10 years, parts/labour & upholstery for 1 year against any fault, defect or failures as a result of the manufacturing process. This applies to our commercial equipment, more information is noted here.

Maintenance Required

Although our commercial gym equipment is built of extremely durable material, you still need to ensure you perform regular maintenance to keep your equipment in top quality, including regular cleaning with a high quality metal cleaning solution, checking the equipment for normal wear and tear, and greasing moving parts regularly.

Choose from our great range of commercial strength equipment below.