Home Gyms

Home gyms are a great investment in that they offer you a wide range of different exercises, and the flexibility to slowly increase the amount of weight you want to use as you get stronger.
We have a range of home gym equipment, whether you want to start out very basic with a door gym, put together your own with wall attachments, or get an all-in-one that has everything you need.

Home Gym Exercise Options

Starting at our centric home gym, there’s over 20 different exercises you can do with a home gym, with our higher end machines offering you a much wider range of different activities. The best part of a home gym is the flexibility you have to change your workout and throw in new exercises, working your whole body with the one machine.

Home Gym Weight Options

Our home gym machines come with a weight stack built in, that you adjust using a pin, so you can decide how much weight you want to use. Our entry level model comes with up to 70KG of weight, but if you’re looking for something more advanced then we go right up to 200KG in our top level commercial machine.

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