Single Stations

Our single stations are designed for strength training where you may want to target just a specific type of exercise, or spread your exercises out over many machines designed specifically for one thing.
The benefit of single stations for home use is you can move them around much easier and you have a lower up front cost, where you can expand the equipment you have over time, instead of buying a home gym machine.

Single Stations vs Home Gyms

Single stations are ideal for commercial gyms or home trainers where you want to spread your exercise out over multiple machines, where each can be designed specifically for one type of exercise, instead of being a “jack of all trades” that has to make compromises to accommodate many different workouts.

Single Stations for targeting muscle groups

Single stations let you target a particular muscle group, so you can build up muscle and reduce weakness in a more targeted way. When burning off fat, typically wherever you last put fat on, is where you’re going to lose it first; but it’s useful to build up muscle mass in areas you specifically want tom using a single station, rather than a less targeted all body workout.

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