Squat Racks & Power Cages

Our Squat Racks & Power Cages give you the ability to work out in your own time in a safer way, reducing the need to have a spotter looking after you, great for if you want to work out at home alone.
Our squat racks and power cages also come in a range suitable for both home users as well as commercial operators.

Spotter arms for safety

It’s important when working with weights, to ensure you have a spotter should you find you are unable to complete the last rep in your workout, and to prevent injury. If you’re working out at home, then you need metal spotters, which is why all of our squat racks come with metal spotters included, and our power cages come with metal catchers.

Weight Limits

All of our squat racks & power cages come with weight limits, so it’s important you know how much weight you’re planning to use, so you can choose a squat rack/power cage appropriate for you. For most people, all models will be suitable since our entry level squat rack has a maximum load of 185KG, and our standard power cage has a 180KG max spotter weight.

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Check out our great range of squat rack / power cages below.