Buying a Trampoline

Specific Benefits of Trampoline Exercise:

Playing on a trampoline can provide children with countless hours of fun and enjoyment. It is also a great way to encourage healthy exercise habits as more and more children in recent years instead opt to sit in front of TV or video games – purchasing a trampoline will ensure that your kids enjoy playing outdoors for hours on end!

The many benefits of exercising on a trampoline include:

  • Improved co-ordination.
  • Development of the muscles in young growing bodies
  • Cardiovascular fitness development.
  • Improved balance.
  • A fun and challenging form of exercise/play which provides hours of fun!

Your One Stop Guide to Buying a Trampoline

When looking at purchasing a trampoline there are several factors which should be taken in to consideration to ensure purchasing the correct trampoline for your family’s enjoyment.

Types of Trampolines:

Trampolines come in a wide array of sizes including 8ft, 10ft, 12ft, 14ft and 16ft. The ideal trampoline size for your family is dependent on a number of factors. From a logistical standpoint you need to decide how much of your backyard you want to dedicate to your trampoline.

If you have older children, or several children you might like to consider purchasing a larger trampoline to provide plenty of space to play. These factors and much more should be taken into account when choosing your trampolines size.

It is also important to consider the safety of your trampoline. While not all trampolines come with a safety net, they are highly recommended. A safety net is a great choice for your children and their safety.

The majority of trampoline injuries can be prevented by using a safety net which protects you and your children not only falling but being injured by the springs also. Using a trampoline net even extends the area in which you can bounce as you no longer need to keep a large distance from the edge!


Trampoline Features:

Choosing the right trampoline can depend on a number of its features. Newer trampolines can even come with a wide range of accessories which can improve their safety and durability.

Features to consider when purchasing a trampoline include:

  • The safety pads on the springs or lack thereof. Our trampolines are designed with safety as a paramount, with safety pads that completely cover the springs to prevent injury. The springs are also located outside the safety net as well!
  • The trampoline’s PVC coating and whether it has been UV treated. Our trampolines are UV treated to last in the harsh New Zealand sun which will tend to sun damage a lot of trampolines over time.
  • The trampoline’s anchor or the ability to apply one. Our trampolines come with an anchor kit included.
  • The safety net or the ability to apply one.
  • The number of safety posts of the trampolines net.
  • The trampoline’s brand and its reputation. With over thousands of satisfied customers and a huge number of positive reviews on our trampolines, you can rest assured that your trampoline purchase will provide you will quality, and durability!
  • The stability and number of legs of the trampoline
  • The number of springs and amount of bounce of the trampoline. Our range of trampolines have high quality springs, guaranteed to provide an fantastic amount of bounce!
  • The square footage of the trampoline.
  • The weight limit of the trampoline. With an incredible 180kg max user weight, our BigBounce trampolines allow Mum or Dad to hop on the trampoline with the kids and join in the fun!


To Summarise:

There are a great number of factors to consider when purchasing a trampoline for your family. The payoff for choosing the right one however is immense. A good quality trampoline provides a fun and hours of entertainment for the kids!

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