Treadmills are an excellent way to lose weight and improve your general fitness level.
The main benefit of a treadmill over other exercise equipment is there’s nothing to learn (everyone who can walk can use a treadmill), and you’re building up your fitness level doing an activity you can later do out in the wider world; marathons, here we come!

What are my Treadmill needs?

Treadmills come in many different sizes to suit different fitness levels and heights, this is a primary reason for the variety in prices you see, with higher priced treadmills designed for running and people who are taller, and so have a longer leg stride.

Walking vs Jogging vs Running

At the lower end < $900, the running mat is typically around 1.2 metres in length and .4 metres wide, designed for walking and jogging. This is is a great choice if you’re a beginner or if you only plan to use your treadmill for walking.

At the mid level $900-$1500, the running mat is typically around 1.5 metres in length and .5 metres wide, designed for all types of exercise including running (up to 20km/ph). This is a good choice if you want to work towards running, or you’re more experienced. Our treadmills in this range also have a higher maximum user weight and a more shock absorption.

At the higher end $1500+, you’ll find a much more powerful motor to get up to speed faster, more cushioning to make your run smoother, and a much longer warranty period (e.g. 10 year frame warranty on our high end treadmills vs. 3 years on our low end treadmill).

Incline for endurance

Most of our treadmills have a motorized incline, which you can manually set using the control panel, or can be adjusted automatically by running one of the many programmes that control speed and incline to simulate hills and terrain. If you regularly incline while exercising then you’ll have buns & thighs of steel in no time.

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