Advanced Running

If you are searching for a treadmill that’s capable of being put through its paces with advanced trainees, then the following options are exactly what you are looking for. No.1 Fitness provides the following high spec treadmill options to ensure that our more advanced customers can receive the benefits of our rock-bottom prices. Please view our full range!

How come your treadmills are so competitively priced compared to other suppliers?

No.1 Fitness prides itself on slashing prices as much as possible. We have always been able to supply advanced running spec treadmills to kiwis for attainable prices! This is thanks to us purchasing in bulk, directly from the manufacturer. 

Who is best suited to an advanced running model?

Our advanced running options are a fantastic option for situations where a treadmill is going to receive regular, intense, and/or prolonged usage. Our advanced running models feature durable frames, robust motors capable of high continuous power outputs, and are capable of top-speeds that will push experienced runners to their limits!