Desk & Rehab

No.1 Fitness prides itself on providing affordable solutions for your every need. For this reason we stock several treadmill options ranging from treadmill desks, to rehabilitation treadmills to service your specific requirements! Whether you are elderly and need to maintain your mobility, injured and need to regain your walking ability, or simply want to move about for your health while working at your desk, the options below can cater to you.

What are the benefits of a treadmill desk?

In today’s modern society, physical inactivity is becoming a growing concern. Office workers in particular are becoming more and more susceptible to health issues such as high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease due to sitting all day in a chair coupled with a further lack of activity in their home lives! The use of a treadmill desk can be a fantastic way to improve your health due to increasing your daily physical activity while you get your work done at your desk. A treadmill desk can also be a fantastic weight management tool thanks to you expending calories while you walk.

Are your rehab treadmills easy to operate?

Yes, our rehab treadmills have been designed with their main purpose in mind. They feature user friendly consoles that are able to be operated with ease, even if you aren’t particularly technology savvy! These models also feature incredibly safe designs with sturdy and supportive hand rails, as well as safety harnesses (on some models) which are designed to catch you in case of a fall. With their safe and user friendly design, even individuals who are previously inexperienced with treadmill use will be able to enjoy a safe and effective workout!

Who can benefit from your rehab treadmills?

Our rehab treadmills are perfect for anyone recovering from injury who needs additional support/safety while exercising, as well as elderly individuals looking to enhance or maintain their mobility. Walking on a treadmill can enhance lower body strength, balance, and coordination, as well as improve cardiovascular health and fitness. The ability to receive these benefits while maintaining safety from slips or falls makes our rehab treadmills an absolute must for many people!