Light Jogging

A treadmill which can handle both walking and light jogging can be the ideal spec for a lot of users. If this is what you require from your treadmill, then we have a fantastic range of light jogging options which are ready to be the hot new addition to your home gym! Our range below are at unbeatable prices for the level of quality they deliver.

What speeds constitute light jogging?

Our range of “light jogging” spec treadmills have been designed to cope with speeds ranging from 0-12km per hour. These are the speeds which they can constantly stay on throughout a workout session as the motors can maintain a suitable continuous power output. No.1 fitness recommends that higher speeds are not recommended with these models for long time periods, otherwise you are better suited to a higher spec option with a higher horse power motor. 

Can light jogging lose fat?

Yes, light jogging can deliver great results when it comes to fat loss. When jogging lightly you are exercising at an intensity which is high enough to burn calories, but also low enough that the body is able to fuel the activity almost exclusively by breaking down fat for fuel rather than carbohydrates (as occurs with higher intensity activities). Due to the rhythmic and lower intensity nature of light jogging, you will find that you can exercise for longer and more often without feeling exhausted. This allows you to frequently expend those extra calories which would normally turn to love-handles!