Semi & Commercial

If you are looking for a treadmill with sufficient specs to be used in a semi-commercial or commercial environment, No.1 Fitness has a range of brilliant options. Whether you are purchasing for a PT studio, commercial fitness centre, or simply want a top of the line model for your own home; you will find our prices and options unbeatable! Please view our full range below.

How do semi-commercial and commercial grade treadmills differ from domestic options?

Semi-commercial and commercial grade treadmills are manufactured to serve anyone ranging from beginners, to advanced athletes. These models have been designed to cope with heavy usage that occurs in commercial settings. Therefore these options feature incredibly strong frames, as well as high power, and reliable motors. Semi-commercial and commercial treadmills typically feature some of the most advanced features, such as expertly designed built-in programs, the ability to use chest-strap heart rate monitors, and connectivity to interactive fitness sites such as ihp online. If you are purchasing for a professional establishment such as a PT studio or gym, No.1 Fitness recommends investing in one of our appropriate options.

Do you back your semi-commercial and commercial grade options with appropriate warranties?

Yes, our semi-commercial and commercial grade treadmills are backed by warranties appropriate to their intended usage. No.1 Fitness not only meets, but aims to exceed its obligations under the consumer guarantees act to stand by its products; for this reason we have a technical support team dedicated to helping revolve any issues that may potentially occur.