Treadmill Maintenance Guide

Maintaining your treadmill is vital. Listed below are some helpful tips to ensure you get the maximum use from your machine.


- After each use wipe any sweat off the treadmill. Sweat will eat through powder coat and paint over time you may end up having rust issues. Sweat can also make its way into plastics leaving unsightly stains.

- Weekly lift the deck and vacuum out beneath. This prevents dust build up getting sucked into the motor cover. After vacuuming give the treadmill a good dust especially along the side-rails where dust can build up and move under the belt.

- Once every 6 months unplug your treadmill leave it for 20 minutes then remove the motor cover and give the inside a good vacuum.

Belt Lubrication and Tension:

The leading cause of treadmills failing before their time is neglecting to make sure that the belt and deck are well lubricated and tensioned properly.

Failure to do this puts excessive wear on the motor and damages the surfaces of the belt and deck.

A decent silicon oil should be used to lubricate the treadmill deck*; this can be purchased from Number One Fitness (our Lube-N-Walk product).

The procedure for lubrication and correctly tensioning the treadmill belt can normally be found in the user manual of your treadmill or demonstration videos can be seen on YouTube.

The below guide is based on use 3-4 times a week for 45mins per session. You may need to increase the frequency if you usage is higher.

UsageLubrication Frequency
1 - 6 Kph Once every 6 months
6 - 12 Kph Once every 3 months
> 12 Kph Once every 2 months


Frame Connectors:

Once a month check that all the bolts for the treadmill are nice and tight. Not only does this prevent horrible knocking noises it also prevents undue strain on the frame pieces of the treadmill.

If you have any further questions regarding treadmill maintenance please email [email protected] and one of our friendly customer services team will respond to your enquiry.

*Please note the Lifespan TR7000i has a self-lubrication system. Adding silicon to it will be detrimental to the running of this machine.