Walk | Jog | Run

Whether purchasing for a whole family with different individual needs, or simply wanting to mix things up then No.1 Fitness recommends a treadmill capable of walking, jogging, and running. The following options meet our recommendations for both motor size and frame durability to ensure that you are picking an appropriate model for a full spectrum of exercise needs. Please view our full range of exceptionally well-priced models below!

What makes a treadmill classified as “running spec”?

Here at No.1 Fitness we recommend that for a treadmill to be ideal for continuous running speeds that it should possess at least 2.0 continuous horsepower. By meeting this recommendation you can be assured that your treadmill’s motor is more than capable of meeting the power output requirement you are placing on it as you run , with ease.  This will ensure the longevity of your treadmill motor.

What kind of maintenance requirements can I expect?

Maintaining a treadmill is not difficult, it simply requires regular upkeep. No.1 Fitness recommends that home operators should lubricate their running belts regularly, tighten the running belt as required, and keep the treadmill dust free. These tasks are quick and easy to do, and our technical support team is always happy to offer advice on how to correctly carry out these procedures. 

Is running on a treadmill high impact on your joints?

No, our treadmills are significantly lower impact than when running on the road. This is because our running decks utilize modern shock absorbing technology to dissipate the impact from your steps through the running deck rather than your joints. If you are concerned about the long-term health of your knees and ankles then a treadmill is definitely a purchase worth considering if you are an avid runner.