If you want to receive the benefits of walking workouts in the comfort of your own home then this range of walking spec treadmills is exactly what you need. No.1 fitness prides itself on providing options appropriate for any user’s own specific needs. So if you simply need a space saving, and well-priced walking spec model then please view our full range below!

What are some of the benefits of walking?

Walking is a fantastic way to keep healthy. Not only does walking burn calories to help you keep slim, but it also delivers fantastic benefits such as improved blood glucose control, and decreased risk of heart disease. Walking can even delivers benefits to your mental health by improving your mood states! 

If you are wanting a low-intensity and enjoyable way to work out in the comfort of your own home that will improve your health, longevity, and sense of well-being, then treat yourself or your loved ones to one of our incredibly well-priced walking treadmills. No.1 Fitness prides itself on delivering the quality and specifications which you need for the best prices guaranteed!

I have limited space, do your walking spec treadmills fold up?

Do you have guests coming over and need more floor space? Not a problem! Simply move your treadmill into the corner or to a different room of the house. Our range of walking spec treadmills all fold up. This makes them a fantastic option for anyone with space limitations. The frames also have wheels on them so that they are manoeuvrable around your home when in their folded-up state.