Using weight bars increases your muscle strength and size as well as provides numerous health benefits like better balance and flexibility. We have a huge selection of standard and olympic weight bars and all the accessories you need for successful weight training.

Standard and Olympic Weight Bars

We stock a large selection of Olympic weight bars as well as standard weight bars. The basic difference between the two is in the thickness of the bar at the ends (both are around 1inch thick in the middle of the bar). Olympic bars are around 50mm thick on the ends of the bar and they only fit Olympic weight plates (with larger holes). Standard bars are 25mm thick on the ends and are made to fit Standard weight plates. You can use Olympic weight plates on standard weight bars, but they will have a looser fit around the bar. Standard bars are designed to hold up to 160kg before they will bend and lose their shape, where Olympic bars are made to handle weights up to and over 500kg, meaning standard bars are great for beginners and Olympic for more experienced lifters.

Weight Bar Attachments

There are many different accessories you can purchase for your weight bar, including grips to ensure your hands do not slip, collars (spring and lock jaw), and lifting belts and straps. Depending on your training needs and goals, some of these accessories may be a worthy investment to enhance your workout performance and comfort.

Maintenance of Weight Bars

If you care and maintain your weight bar properly, it will stay good for many years. It is important to wipe off your bar after each use to keep it clean and free of germs, especially the knurling (the textured grip section). You can use a damp cloth with disinfectant or a wire or toothbrush for this. To keep the bars rotating and to avoid rolling in your hands, lubricate the bushings regularly with silicone spray between the bar and the sleeve.

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